To find a Wonderful Tiny Fur Baby, Don't Miss
                    Jodina's Precious Poodles     
   Congratulations Jody on your Great Success !
                              We Love you !!!

                              Looking for "Just a Pet" ?
                 Yes, we know there are "cheaper" puppies out there but, Quality comes with a price

       We thank God for our wonderful Military friends including the 4 legged ones too.  

​     God Bless America !​

We love it when we see out puppies go to homes that put them in Therapy situations to help others.   This is what we work hard for.  God Bless you !

​                    Welcome to Alzimm Kennels

                            Phone: 419-957-0299              Email:                                                                   Located Near Findlay and Bluffton, Ohio                                                 

                                            We have an Exceptionally Wonderful Veterinarian.                              
                                            We are Happy to give Reference upon Request.
                    Our pack is kept current on vet checks. This includes our retired pack members. 
            We don't mind the extra work and expense of keeping our retired fur babies. This proudly sets us                     apart from most other kennels. Our pack is always, pack family first !

        Alzimm OFA Hip and OFA Cardiac (C) Certifies or Hip X-Ray Certifies Sires and Dames for Breeding

            Alzimm Kennels never ships puppies under any circumstances
      Thank you to all of our wonderful puppy families who personally drove to pick up puppies from Ohio and other states including:  Indiana, Illinois, Michigan, New York, Florida, Pennsylvania, Kentucky, Maryland, New Jersey,Tennessee, Missouri, Wisconsin , South Carolina, and Kansas. We greatly appreciate your understanding of our no-ship policies , keeping the puppies' well being a priority!    

 Alzimm Kennels,Grounds and Home are completely Security Protected 24/7

                  As always..... Offering Superb Quality, German Shepherd and Field Golden Retrievers.
                 Companions with Terrific Temperaments, Great Health Backgrounds, Written Hip/Health 
             Purchase Contracts along with Fabulous, early puppy Socializing and lifetime Backup Support .

Who says that GSDs can't be Diva's too?  
Princess Porscha , Beautiful Konjo/Furia Girl the "Diva"
Kaiser, Handsome Konjo/Nabiri boy , Littermate to our Kenja

Porsha and Kaiser  Getting their 1st and 2nd place training trophies
Kaiser is a Handsome Konjo/Nabiri boy. Full Brother to our Kenja.

                                                       Terrific Jobs Lori and Tammy!  

               Sept 28th, 2016

Donna L with Eva CGC Titled                       Joan H with Justice...He works with Canines for Christ