Sophie a beautiful red Past Alzimm Puppy.

We're always grateful to get updates on our past Alzimm Babies. Gene and Kaiser (Our Kenja's litter mate brother) Always like to have a visit.

​     God Bless America !​

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                   We have an Exceptionally Wonderful Veterinarian. Jorge Rosario DVM. The best ever !!!!                    
                    Our pack is kept current on vet checks. This includes our retired pack members. 
            We don't mind the extra work and expense of keeping our retired fur babies. This proudly sets us  apart from most other kennels. Our pack is always, pack family first !

We also greatly appreciate all the help we get from Jodina and our wonderful Grandchildren at jodina's precious poodles.

        Alzimm OFA Hip and OFA Cardiac (C) Certifies or Hip X-Ray Certifies Sires and Dames for Breeding

                 Matthew 7:16  (KJV)

16 Ye shall know them by their fruits. 

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            Alzimm Kennels never ships puppies under any circumstances
      Thank you to all of our wonderful puppy families who personally drove to pick up puppies from Ohio and other states including:  Indiana, Illinois, Michigan, New York, Florida, Pennsylvania, Kentucky, Maryland, New Jersey,Tennessee, Missouri, Wisconsin , South Carolina, Texas, Maine, Georgia, Massachusetts, North Carolina, North Dakota and Kansas. We greatly appreciate your understanding of our no-ship policies , keeping the puppies' well being a priority!    

 Alzimm Kennels,Grounds and Home are completely Security Protected 24/7


  As always..... Offering Superb Quality, German Shepherd and Field Golden Retrievers.
                 Companions with Terrific Temperaments, Great Health Backgrounds, Written Hip/Health 
             Purchase Contracts along with Fabulous, early puppy Socializing and lifetime Backup Support .

               Nov 13th, 2018

Jax, another gorgeous past Alzimm baby

Congratulations to Helinka ( Foster/Kenja daughter) and our special friend LuAnne who lovingly owns her. She has now taken 2 best female titles in AKC confirmation showing events and is  well on her way to her AKC Championship title! We could not be more humbled yet proud!!!

  Blessings to all from Alzimm Kennels