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                                                                    Puppy and Litter information Page.
                                           You are always welcome to email or call with any questions.

                                                    419-957-0299 (Vickie)

                                    All of our efforts are focused on assuring you to have a happy, healthy puppy.

All puppies born here are properly socialized with us, our children and grandchildren and given the up most in tender loving care from birth in our heated whelping rooms right here in our home until the very moment they are released into your loving arms.

  No breeding takes place here without full consideration to the Momma and future babies. We would never allow a girl to be bred that wasn't healthy enough or ready.

     Due to demand, most litters are reserved before birth and we only hold reserves on a fee paid basis. We do Accept Reserves at any time
Puppies are reserved and considered in pick order according to when spoken for and paying of Reserves.
                                       No promise is made for getting a puppy if a Reserve has not been placed.

                      No Puppy EVER leaves Alzimm Kennels without you first getting to see the parents and our facilities.
   We do not condone or believe in purchasing puppies sight unseen, thus one of our main reasons for NEVER shipping ANY puppy.

   We also never meat anyone at another location to place a puppy or place any puppies with brokers or in a pet store. These are   
   totally unacceptable practices.


     Alzimm reserves the right to with hold pick male or female from any litter, at any time, to keep or offer for breeding or show

                                                      If/When a puppy is held back by Alzimm, it is no longer included in the pick order.


                                       Reserve Fee Information

     Unfortunately, our Maintenance costs are rising. Our pricing is subject to change without notice.
                            Reserved puppies, with a paid deposit, always stay at the reserved price.

Alzimm Always offers REFUNDABLE Reserve Fees only if anything goes wrong on our end

1) We do Guarantee that when you visit to get your puppy, you will find clean facilities along with healthy parents and babies or we will refund your reserve fee.

2) We also refund reserve fees If anything would happen to your reserved puppy while in our care.
3) If we don't get a male or female that you reserved, You may choose to accept a female or male if we have enough puppies available in the same litter, or to have your reserve fee placed on a future and or different litter.Your Pick order will change if others have already placed a deposit on the future litter.
4) If you request Litter Reserve changes for any reason: Once we know that you Request to place your reserve on a future litter, any previous commitments/reserves are immediately canceled and only the newly made commitment will be honored. This includes current puppy prices.
Any, above listed, refundable reserves will be sent as soon as possible.

                            Deposits are always Non Refundable if you cancel

      Placing a deposit on an Alzimm puppy is a promise to purchase and means that you have stopped looking.      
    The deposit is NON REFUNDABLE should you cancel the reserve for any reason, at any time, after
    placing said deposit.
    However, we will place the reserve fee on a future litter only. Your Pick order will be lower on the
    new list if others have already reserved for that Litter.


              (Personal checks are ok for Reserves only. Cash is required at the time puppy is picked up)

Reserve Fees Are Now 100.00 to reserve from Any Litter, current or future  
                                          We accept Pay Pal reserve fees Also. Total PAY PAL Reserve is 105.00

                                (100.00 goes to puppy purchase, the 5.00 goes for pay pal fees)

                                                   Please click the Pay now button below to pay with Pay Pal:


Please send Personal Check or Bank Check Reserve Fees to:
                                                                                  VICKIE ZIMMERLY (Checks written to Alzimm will be returned)
                                                       15642 RD 1
                                                       PANDORA. OHIO 45877


                                                            To be placed on our Reserve
   Simply email your name, Phone number, address and Litter you are interested in along with your preference for a male, female or either.  Your licensed veterinarian phone number is also appreciated for your reference.
   We encourage you to call also. After Speaking with you and answering any questions you may have, we will be happy to place you on a temporary (1 week) hold list until your reserve fee arrives to reserve your puppy.

            Reserves are scheduled, 1st come 1st serve, in order of dates the reserve fees are received

We can no longer guarantee your pick or litter place with a reserve if you do not provide a Telephone number
(by email, as requested above) that we can contact you with.

  Please do not expect us to answer any phone call with a blocked, restricted or unavailable number


                                                                About Kennel Visits

                      No Alzimm Puppy is EVER Placed in a new home, Sight unseen !!!
        Isn't it worth waiting a little while to see the parents if it helps to guarantee you a healthy puppy?         
Parents and Facilities are Always presented when you pick up your puppy.
           We welcome you to meet our pack family and puppies, we are just strict about when we allow it.
We no longer schedule kennel visits with pregnant females here or before puppies have had first shots. It's just to risky for puppies and it guarantees you the best opportunity to take home a healthy puppy.
We are not into and do not encourage kennel hopping as it is not good for any puppies and we do not schedule " visits " just for shopping around. Our web site clearly shows what we have here and what we are all about. You can easily and confidently confirm all about us when you choose your puppy on puppy pick up days, meet the parents and see our facilities. We happily post web site litter pictures as the babies grow.
       Here at Alzimm we always keep the well being of our pack, pregnant mommies and babies at the top of our priorities.
                                                                            Sorry, no exceptions.

                     We have a 100% Parvo-Free record here in our puppies and adults proving that our methods work.

                                                                   About Puppy Pick up Day

At times we schedule male and female puppy appointments at the same time so others don't have appointments to late in the day.

          We arrange most pick up appointments on Saturday and/or Sunday between 11:00 am and 6:00 pm. in picking/reserve paid order, so, please keep this in mind when planning to visit.  Please be considerate in keeping your puppy pick up date/time with us. We have others that drive a long distance and need to be able to pick their puppy also. Sorry but we can not ask others to wait for a later date who are as excited to get their puppy as you are. We start scheduling appointments for pick up day when the babies are about 5-6 weeks old. Puppies go home about 8 weeks of age

          If you are not able to be here to pick your puppy at your appointment time, you have the following options:

1) You may pick your puppy from pictures, with our help on puppy information we have and pick him up later
2) You may go lower on the reserve list
3) You may switch your reserve to another litter

      IN fairness to all with the puppy's best interest at heart, A 5.00 fee per day will be charged for each day beyond puppy pick up day that we are asked to keep your puppy for you......... Sorry, No exceptions.
      We do request that you do not visit other kennels, veterinarian offices, pet parks, pet stores the day of your puppy pick up and do not wear shoes/clothes that have been to other places listed above.

      Children are always encouraged to visit with you. However, we request that you leave your fur babies home as this is not the place or time to try to introduce them to your new baby properly.



                           All Alzimm puppies go home with an exclusive Alzimm Puppy care kit.

 1)   AKC registration papers (Limited or full registration)
 2)   First vet visit, shots and parasite control record
 3)   Certified (official) AKC  pedigrees               
 4)   An Alzimm inclusive 2 year genetic/congenital written Hip/Health guarantee.
 5)   Puppy care tip sheet.    
 6)   Feeding suggestions
 7)   Copies of Purchase Contract and Receipt
      ( Contrats are always gone over carefully with time  allowed  to answee any questions you may have) 
 8)   A special little Puppy Blankie
 9)   Nu Vet plus Sample
10)  Puppy's harness and leash or a puppy safe slip lead
11)  Lots of love, attention and socializing with our grand babies and ourselves.
12)  One-on-one personal time going over all details
13)  Some extra little surprises to make your puppy's going home trip special
14)  Back up support for the lifetime of your puppy.
The best price possible for the Nice Quality puppy you get
16)  Food sample
17)  A special hand made puppy toy


     Alzimm Puppy Hip/Health Guarantee

All Alzimm puppies go home with a 2 year inclusive Alzimm written guarantee against severe Genetic/Congenital health/hip issues
          and lifetime support and help no matter how much a puppy goes for.
          All purchase and Health Guarantee Contracts are Attorney Approved
          We require that you have your puppy checked by your own Licensed Veterinarian within 3-4 days of pick up date.
          Due to the exceptional healthy results, we incorporate the use of Nu Vet supplements into our guarantee.
          Alzimm puppies are not guaranteed if they are fed foods having corn, wheat or soy or are spayed, neutered at an early age.
          Improper exercise, neglect, transfer of ownership or allowing your pet to become overweight voids our contract.
          If anything would ever happen that we would need to replace a puppy, we would not ask you to return your original puppy to get
          a replacement. We feel that this unfair once a bond has been established.
Of course , you always have the option to opt out and raise your puppy as you wish with no guarantee.




Alzimm Breeding Practices
1)   Provides lots of love and care
1)   Feeds adults and puppies properly
2)   Does vet checks on adults and puppies along with proper worming, parasite preventatives, shots
3)   Houses adults in the house and/or spacious, clean, warm kennel with connected, outside runs
4)   Provides a safe, fenced area for exercise and kennel protection, Does not promote electronic collars.
5)   Makes sure puppies are birthed, raised in heated nursery rooms, in our house, with 24/7 people and camera supervision
7)   Will not ship any puppy
8)   Will be happy to answer questions and give advise when asked
9)   Supports puppies for a life time
10)  Makes sure all adults are Veterinarian health clearanced before breeding. Includes OFA and more.
11)  Understands pedigrees and what breeding traits to match for the best puppies possible
12)  Knows each individual dog and their characteristics
13)  Helps match up the right puppy with the right family
14)  Provides all AKC papers when puppy goes home. (We never hold back AKC papers or force spay/neuter contracts)
15)  Encourages spay/neuter at a proper, closer to mature age, not young puppies.
16)  Do not encourage visitors until puppies have had first shots
17)  Happily invites visitors to meet the parents and see their living areas when getting their puppy.
18)  Breeds for puppies following confirmation guidelines, great temperaments and the best health possible.
19)  Always Refuses to place a puppy in a home not deemed proper
20)  Provides a good, balanced written genetic, congenital Hip
and Health Guarantee no matter how
       much is charged for the puppy.
21)  Flatly refuses to ever sell any puppy to a pet store, puppy mill, back yard breeder or broker
22)  Makes sure we have a good, supportive of breeding, vet who likes and understands the breed
23)  Keeps safety of adults and puppies first
24)  Will not produce " Designer dogs " better known as mixed breed mutts
25)  Breeding for quality family pets, while producing puppies with working, show and service potential.
26) Never farms females out under the guise of "fostering" to USE them for our financial, breeding, benefit at a
 later date when convenient. We understand the character and emotions of German Shepherds and Golden Retrievers
and would never promote such trauma to Mommas and new puppies.



    We do our best to provide good,healthy,intelligent,puppies for your many years of future enjoyment and like wise expect these puppies to have a safe and loving home to grow up in for their entire lifetime. A safe kennel with proper shelter while outside and/or a fenced in yard or run area is preferred for your puppy's safety and well being. We always recommend taking your puppy to training classes with a reputable trainer.
     We are here to help you for the puppy's entire lifetime. We will welcome back a puppy from ALzimm at any time during the puppy/adult dog's lifetime if you are unable to keep him/her. However, no refund will be offered. It costs to re-home.

                                      Please note that we are not affiliated with any other kennel/breeder
           Please feel free to inform us of any interference with us by any other breeder or person.

The Fine Print:

Please Note: Signed Contracts, at time of puppy pick up to go home, Supersede any details found on this web site, any previous emails, any previous phone conversations,  or any other website information concerning Alzimm Kennels. 
Website information is subject to change without notice

Please direct any questions to me, Vickie. I am a Hobby Breeder. the sole proprietor of Alzimm working hard to enrich the Golden Retriever and German Shepherd breeds for family life and companionship.
However, my Hubby, Kids and Grandchildren love to hang around and help out , donating their labors of love.

Do not expect us to answer any phone call with a blocked, restricted or unavailable number

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