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     Our goals here are focused on producing the best family puppies we can for you from the best sires and dames we can get. Great effort and expense along with hard work go into every litter in caring for our breeding dogs. Hours are spent researching pedigrees, learning about food, spending time birthing, pregnancy, getting health testing done, kennel maintaining, clean up, excercising and interacting with the adults, working with puppies and educating families about the best ideals for raising a well rounded, confident puppy. Of course, due to the expenses and great efforts we invest in your new little one, we also expect a few things from you such as good feeding, proper exercise, lots of love, no early spay or neuter and proper vet care to keep your little one as happy as possible. Hubby Gene is retired and spends most of his time in the kennel caring for and interacting with the dogs. 

     Our puppies have been placed in a diversity of homes where they have become personal protection dogs, companions, therapy dogs, rally competitors,TDI dogs, and more. One GSD has even become an official dock dog. Our Goldens are of the field, hunting, service working type and our GSDs are mostly West German Showline in pedigree, having deep roots from Germany with many world Siegers and Siegrens in their pedigrees. This is important because Most West german Showline Winners have Both show and Working Titles . A minimal amount of German Working lines go into their mix. The West German Showlines are important for us because they tend to not have a lot of overdrive and are easier to train. They love to play and also know when to protect. It's in their blood, yet, they do not tend to have fear biting tendencies.  We do not focus on high drives here as for the families we get wanting puppies, they are to much dog. The Goldens are finer boned, thinner coated and perfect for water play, hunting, etc. They are extremely intelligent and get into trouble, just as the GSDs can do, when bored. The Field Golden can be come quite active depending on how the genes play out. The Golden Sheps are a mixture of all traits and to those who seek them out, are considered to be gentle watch dogs. Each breed type has different characteristics and are unique in their own way.

     We take to heart every one of the families that have provided a loving home for our little ones and hope you all have many happy and  healthy years ahead to enjoy with your Alzimm  baby. We are always here 24/7 with complete back-up advise support for any Alzimm puppies their entire lifetime. And of course we love the many pictures and testimonials that you all send.

    Raising puppies is not a competition, it's a serious commitment. Please think carefully Before getting a puppy. If cost is your first question, we question whether you can afford to provide proper care for a puppy. Puppies take a lot of hard work, dedication, expenses and clean up but when all is said and done, the rewards are priceless ! Quality puppies come with a price.
     Do realize that we are Puppy Buyers too as we must obtain breeding dogs from time to time. We do understand what you go through.
This is why all Alzimm Babies have our complete back up advise support for their entire lifetime. 

     To learn more about us, our story is posted below.

                                              We do not claim to be the best, we Simply do the Best We Can !

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                                                                                                 Vickie  Zimmerly
                                                                                                 And all of my Kennel Volunteers

Our Alzimm Story

   Alzimm is a kennel dedicated to producing the best German Shepherds and Golden Retrievers for family companions that we possibly can. I am a German Shepherd lover at heart, having grown up with a Great Uncle who raised GSDs for guide dogs and Police work. I had a wonderful Dog Bear about 30 some years ago whom my brother, Randy had completely trained in 3 days. A leash was never ever needed for him and his intelligance and loyalty were unreal. He was a 110 lb red and black West German with some American lines GSD and was the best dog I have ever had. When my brother had  a brain stem tumor sugery about 14 years ago, he almost died. Doctors said he would never make it. I promised him if He got off the vent, I would get a GSD to take to visit him in the home. He not only survived but has had many miracles to this day. Thus my hunt for a good GSD. I finally found him after a long search and he became my foundation dog. He's my Dakoda Bear (Koda), living with us now at a healthy 10 years old. He has 20% working and West German show line pedigree and is a magnificent boy! He has a touch of drive and independence but he has also visited Nursing homes with me, since day one, and has never "needed" any special training. He has a natural instinct for the elderly and disabled and everywhere we have taken him, they ask if he has been TDI titled. We never needed to as his actions were alllnatural for him. But on the other hand, I can say one thing, It would not be wise for anyone to try to cause me or the other pack or our grand babies any harm ! He's my doggy soul mate. 
  In my heart, I had always wanted to raise GSDs and My Koda set that play into action. After seeing how difficult it was to find my "perfect" boy, I knew my calling was to raise GSDs for families to enjoy. At the time I also came across a beautiful Field Golden Retriever, our Meisha. She and Koda came home with us the same day and what fun we had! Koda wanted to "protect" us from everyone, while Meisha wanted to Love everyone. Next, we added Furia and her half sister, Nabiri, a great West German (Can) Show line girl who became the foundation of our kennel along with Koda. Our Kayleyna is the daughter of Koda and Nabiri and many wonderful puppies have been placed in wonderful family homes through her. Later we added Kyler, our Golden stud and all progressed from there. Then, along came Konjo and his sister Tashina. They are Leonhaus dogs and Grand children to 2X VA1 Vegas Du Haut Mansard SchH3 Kkl 1 .... And yes, the World Siegers in Germany must be able to work too ! We were honored to meet Edith Leonard of Leonhaus and we have many interesting conversations together.
  The people who get our GSDs are looking for more of a "middle" of the road companion who has the intelligence to know when to protect. And they do ! Thus we strive to produce sound Temperament, Intelligent, easy to train GSDs. One of the Nabiri girls, Heidi, became both an official dock dog (Taking 2nd place in professional competition) and a (Professionally Trained) Personal  protection dog. She is on the Testimonials page on our website. My GSDS have proven themselves over and again. The versatility of a well bred GSD is priceless. There is a wide misconception that West German Show lines can't work. Yes, they don't have that over kill drive that would be to much for the families that we raise puppies for but yes, they are willing to learn and to work and have superb, personal loyalty. As for the Goldens, Lets just say, they are a hug full of love !..

   Then one day, the ultimate happened..Our Wonderful, life changing Golden Sheps arrived. We never knew an accidental breeding could change things so much. Our golden Shep Beginnings can be read about on our Golden Shep page.  They are considered to be Gentle Watch dogs. I can say that I am thankful for what all has happened with this kennel and that we have all been truly blessed by the unexpected.
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