Justice works for Canines for Christ in different Therapy Situations. He is a Fantastic Konjo/ Kayleyna Boy !

Per Joan Owner/Trainer/ Handler: "Justice has moved from Therapy Dog Novice (THDN) and now holds the title AKC Therapy Dog (THD) which can be applied for when a therapy dog has made between 50 and 100 documented visits. Today's visit - #66. Next stop - Therapy Dog Advanced (THDA)! Good boy, Justice!"

Great Job Joan !


Niklaus, son of Konjo and Kayleyna has passed His AKC Star Puppy Class... Great Job Judith !

Below: Congratulations Nicklaus for passing your CGC! !

NicKlaus , son of Konjo and Kayleyna is a perfect example of what a well bred GSD can do. He enjoys visits to Barnes and Nobles, Hospitals, Hospices, pet stores ,Easter egg hunts, cruising the Metro Park and much more! He never protests at getting his picture taken when the opportunity arises ! Whether visiting Santa or even the Easter Bunny or going home to Alzimm, he is always at ease. Everyone in the Cleveland area that knows him, loves him.The local business all know when Nic is around and have treats waiting for him. His favorite was spending time with Grandma Jeri Jo ! You have done a great job Judith !!! You can be proud !

Pippa, Kyler/ Tanja Golden Shep pup

Has Passedd her AKC Star Puppy Class.

 Great job Kelly and Family !


Porsha, Konjo/Furia Princess  Porsha and Kaiser Konjo/Nabiri Boy Getting their 1st and 2nd place training trophies

And who says that GSDs can't be Diva's too?
   Terrific Job Lori and Tammy!                                              


Congratulations to Helinka ( Foster/Kenja daughter) and our special friend LuAnne who lovingly owns her. She has now taken 2 best female titles in AKC confirmation showing events and is  well on her way to her AKC Championship title! We could not be prouder!!!

2 time AKC best female winner Helinka

Donna L with Eva CGC Titled  

Great Job Donna ! 

This page is dedicated to all our past Alzimm Puppies and Adults that have worked hard along side their family for a Title, Accomplishment, Contest win, Heroic Deed or anything else that may be interesting to know about. Alzimm puppies are very intelligent and Trainable and their Character shows in everything they do.

                                                                                                                                      We are very proud of you all !

 Heidi is a Koda and Nabiri girl .  Great Job Mary Beth !

 Hi Vickie, thought you might enjoy this picture. Heidi and I competed last weekend in our very first dock diving event in Lancaster Ohio, put on by a company called Aqua Dogs. We won 2nd place in the junior division. She impressed everyone at the competition, especially the experienced handlers, after finding out it was her 1st time competing and they also noted that she was the only German Shepherd competing. (apparently shepherds are rare in dock diving events). So, I soaked up as much experience and information on technique and training from the dog champion owners and hope to keep her competing regularly. She is 2 1/2 years old now and obedience trained, protection trained and a dock diving champ! My you breed awesome dogs! Cheers, hope you are well. Mary Beth      ( Thanks Mary Beth. We are so Proud of you both !!! ) 

  Heidi, Having fun at her Dock Practice. Just so you all know. Labs are the common dogs for this type competition. Heidi just has a natural talent. This is just not the norm for a GSD. We're so proud !!!!! Thanks Mary Beth. Can't wait to see Heidi again :)

Whopper is our Alzimm Record Puppy

He was Born To Koda and Furia ..

He was a Whopping 13 lbs at just 6 weeks old. (Our largest puppy Born here)
‚ÄčThus the nic name, Whopper, which stuck with him.

Whopper was also born in our very 1st Alzimm Litter

Donna, His wonderful Fur baby Mommy was the first person to get an Alzimm poppy from us and has become very dear to us over the years.

Congratulations to Sr. King Whopper and Donna !