Available Adults for Adoption
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     Call  419-957-0299 ...... We may have just what you are looking for!

At times we have an Adult or older Adult that we would Retire out to the right home ONLY !

They have either been retired from our breeding program or may be a puppy that we raised that did not work out for breeding purposes.

We believe that they deserve a home where they will be loved and cared for with one on one interaction and attention. You are always welcome to call to see if any are available.

Only experienced homes with skill and knowledge of the unique needs and requirements of the Golden or GSD breeds will be qualified to adopt one of our retired pack. 

These are not junk dogs or dogs we want to  "Get Rid" of.

We have raised , maintained and kept them here as they have been Greatly loved and will always be!.

We greatly appreciate anyone that is willing to give them the attention and care that they deserve for the rest of their lifetime. We understand that not everyone wants to go through puppy hood. We also understand that not everyone has the understanding to work with one of these dogs either. 

Homes for our retired ones will be carefully screened and you must have a fenced yard or fenced play area for them (No electronic fences) . Proper veterinarian care must be promised if ever needed. They like being outside and are not used to being inside or couch potatoes all of the time. A building with weather protection available at all times is required if they will spend a lot of time outdoors. (This goes for Goldens or German Shepherds)

Even though these dogs have had a history of great temperament, they will need time to adjust. We will not place in homes having small children, small pets, smaller dogs or cats. We also will not place in homes having dogs of the same sex. The idea is for them to relax in a loving environment and not have to deal with un-needed stress or bad situations.

A small adoption fee is requested to show they have value to you.

Shots are current.

And of course, we expect to get updates on how they are doing and you are encouraged to call at anytime with any questions.