Alzimm AKC Puppies will go home with AKC Limited Pet Registration Papers.
 Alzimm is a Companion/Hobby/Pet Breeder only, and puppies having any AKC Registration papers are still considered pets only, without any guarantee to be able to be bred or shown.

       Alzimm Reserves the right to hold back first pick male or female from any Litter at any time​ for any reason

​                      Purchase Contract Information is on the Puppy Reservations Page 

Note: Our Goldens are Field Goldens, Bred to work, hunt and do service work. They are highly intelligent and trainable and are not show line Goldens . They do not carry the thick coat, block bone structure or short legs and necks like in the show Goldens. Any white on them is from a "White spot gene" and does not count against them in any way. 

             We are located in North West Ohio near Bluffton and Findlay.                                           See our Puppy Reservation Page to place your Reserve 

     Current Litters and Past Puppy Litters Can Be seen on Their Prospective Pages                                      Reserves are held with a paid Deposit only 
            All Reserves are First Come, First Serve to Approved Homes Only.
           Complete feeding information is located on the Food n Affiliates Page.

              No Litter is bred without approval by our Wonderful Veterinarian.

                               New OFA Updates will be coming soon.   

The Fine Print:  Alzimm Reserves the right to change Prices, Website Policies and Information without notice at any time.

Please Note: Signed Contracts, at time of puppy pick up to go home, Supersede any details found on this web site, any previous emails, any previous phone conversations,  or any other website information concerning Alzimm Kennels.
Alzimm reserves the right to refuse placement of a puppy or to cancel a pending placement at any time if we feel the placement is not in the best interest of the puppy.  
Website information is subject to change without notice.

Please direct any questions to me, Vickie. I am a Hobby Breeder. the sole proprietor of Alzimm working hard to enrich the Golden Retriever and German Shepherd breeds for family life and companionship.
However, my Hubby, Kids and Grandchildren and special friends love to hang around and help out , donating their labors of love.
Alzimm does not breed any Goldens that have any known "Gold Rush" lines in their pedigrees
Alzimm does not breed half or all "working lines" GSds. They are not the best choice for average families to handle.

Alzimm German Shepherds are predominately of West German Show Lines Background.

Do not expect us to answer any phone call with a blocked, restricted or unavailable number

                                               Litter Pricing     
            Prices for Puppies Reserved (With a paid reserve Fee) are always locked in at the price reserved .

                                                               2018 Litter Prices Posted Below:

AKC German Shepherd puppies 

1,200  -  1,500  AKC  Limited Pet Registration

AKC Field Golden Retriever Puppies

1,200 - 1,500  AKC Limited Pet Registration 



​     Alzimm Available Litters Page

Alzimm OFA Certifies Hips and  OFA -C (Cardiac) Certifies our adult Breeding Dogs​. OFA Excellent, Good or Fair, Ratings mean that NO Hip Dysplasia was Found. OFA Certificates Are Shown during puppy pick up 
​ (Veterinarian Hip Exam and Hip X-Ray may be used Prior to or instead of  OFA Certification)

                               Alzimm is proud to be free of the Following: 
​                               Cancer, Genetic HD, HU, DM, PRA, and Parvo

                      New Reserve Updates for 2018 Litters
  Alzimm Reserves the right to Refuse Full AKC Registration to anyone at any time for any reason.​

2018 Litters  Thank you for considering us for you next Puppy. And a huge Thank You to our Wonderful Alzimm Families who have stood with us and Continue to update us and give our Alzimm Babies the best of care and love !!!                    
We and our Fur Babies are forever Grateful to you all!

              2018 Litters    (Reserves are filling for 2019)

 Getting a reserve in to be placed on the list is recommended as these litters fill fast. Reserves have already been placed.    Our girls usually cycle around the same time.

    We are expecting our first Spring Golden Retriever, Jovina and Cyrus !!!

This is a first for this pair. More details later as things progress. We are expecting to have puppies ready to go home mid March of 2019. 

                       The Koli /Cloe Goldenshep Babies Available now 

      2 boys and 1 girl are available and ready to go home now. 3rd set of shots finished. Well advanced on housebreaking and working on leash training. Very nice temperaments and very intelligent.

Contact Vickie for details. 20 weeks old Nov. 15th. Pictures Nov 13th





                         Koli/Keeper German Shepherd litter Arrived !


                                          Males available and ready to go home now

                                                          1,200.00   AKC  Full Registration.

                                                             900.00 Limited   AKC Limited Pet Registration

​                                                             10 weeks old Nov. 12th


             Foster / Kenja litter. Ready now 

                         1 male and 1 female Ready now .

                          1,200 Limited AKC Registration 1,500 Full AKC 

                          11 weeks old as of November 16th.

                           2nd shots, working on house breaking.