​​                                          Kayleyna's Princess Layna   (Layna)





OFA - Cardiac
Hip X Ray Certified                                                                                 Pictures Taken July, 2016

Layna's Sire Konjo is OFA Hip, Good, OFA elbow Certified Normal and OFA Heart Certified  
                Konjo is Grandson of 2x World Seiger Vegas Du Haut Mansard
Layna's Dame, Kayleyna is OFA Hip , Fair and OFA-C (Cardiac) Certified.

We are looking forward to beautiful puppies from her in the future !
We raised Layna right here from birth. Layna is a sweet, loving, vibrant, Girl out of our
own Konjo (Grandson of 2x World Seiger Vegas Du Haut Mansard  and Kayleyna.


Kashiri Keeper of Faith V Alzimm  (Keeper)

We are excited to see what this little darling Konjo/Kayleyna girl does in our future Breeding program   (Pictures taken August 6th, 2017)

              Alzimm Koli Jac Von Der Highstrauss
Koli" (Pronounced (Coal-ee)   Pedigree) ​http://www.pedigreedatabase.com/german_shepherd_dog/dog.html?id=2523499-alzimm-koli-jac-von-der-highstrauss

He is shown with his Sire and Dame.
​Dame: OFA hips Good

Koli has a superb, confident, Laid back and calm temperament while being very stable and dependable.

                                                                                                  Pictures below, July 6th 2018

Pictures below: October, 2018

                   Foster Von Hamund Haus
                               OFA Hip Certification: Fair                     OFA-C (Cardiac Certified)


http://www.pedigreedatabase.com/german_shepherd_dog/dog.html?id=2212722-foster-von-hamund-haus    (Foster's Pedigree)

 We acquired our handsome Black/Red Male, Foster  at a young 15 months of age(Shown with my grand Daughter the day He came home with us) and have been well pleased with him. His temperament is excellent with everyone He meets. He has a great West German Show Line background Pedigree as shown above. He is very good on lead. He and Hubby Gene are best buddies and have bonded well. Foster is quite healthy and a fun guy to have around.

He is 24" at the Shoulder and 70-75 lbs , within the German Shepherd Breed Standard.

Pictures taken, late Summer 2016

Introducing our Konjo/Kayleyna Girl      

 Karma Estelle V Alzimm          (Karma) (Stella)

We are excited to see the future this girl brings into our breeding program with Koli.

We know one thing. She loves to chew on leashes just like her Uncle Kobiri always has.

Pictures from August 5th, 2017

     Nabiri's Kenja Layanna V Alzimm   ( Kenja)



                                                                      Picture above shows the ear damage crease

                              OFA Hips: Good             OFA Cardiac: (C) Heart Normal                                                    

http://www.pedigreedatabase.com/german_shepherd_dog/dog.html?id=2508005-nabiris-kenja-layanna-v-alzimm                 (Kenja's Pedigree)

 Nabiri is out of : Sire ,  Urma Von Quartier Latin  OFA Hips Good   OFA Elbows Normal
 Dame: Uzit v Bullinger (CAN CGC TDI RN TC DNA CH PTD)  OFA Hips Good

Our beautiful Girl is out of our own Leonhaus Sire, Konjo and Our beautiful Dame,Olga Nabiri  
Kenja has a great World Class West German Show Line Pedigree!
She has been raised with us from birth and is a wonderful, Intelligent, Loving girl.
Unfortunately, her ear got damaged somehow when she was a young puppy and has a crease in the cartilage. It was fully up previously to the time of the injury which has been verified by our veterinarian    Below. Pedigree of Foster/Kenja Puppies


        Our German Shepherds

Mattie: Our gorgeous Foster/Kenja girl

October, 2018