Alzimm's  Tabitha Jane (aka) TJ
 OFA Hips: Fair    OFA Cardiac: (C) Heart Normal

    TJ fits within the Breed Standard being 23" at the shoulder and weighing 55 - 60 lbs.

She was wet in the puctures. She loves water !

                      Kenley Levi v Alzimm DNA

                                          OFA Hips...... Good                   OFA-C  (Cardiac)  Normal
                Kenley fits within the Breed Standard of being 25" high at the shoulder and weighing 70-75 lbs.

Kenley is our OFA Certified Stud  male. He is a vibrant fellow and there is never a dull moment with this guy ! He is Field Golden (as all of our Goldens are) which is the Hunting/Working/Service line of the Golden Retrievers.

  Sophia's Little Jovina V Alzimm  ( Jovi)

                   OFA Hip: Fair                              OFA -C (Cardiac) Normal

​We are so very proud of our Happy , Sweet, Lovely Kyler/ Sophie Girl as is Jovina's Sister, Cloe
Jovina is within AKC breed Standards , averaging  65 lbs .
She and Kenley have produced Dark Red  Field Golden Babies.

          Introducing ........ after a Long 4 year search:

       Alzimm's King Cyrus the Trumpet (Cyrus)

Our Future Stud male. He has an excellent background of Field and Cream blend with many OFA Good Hip Certifications in his background.

Multiple Swiss and Findland imports are in his background.

He will bring in a completely new genetic mix, as there is no common ancestry in his pedigree (as is required at times for a sound breeding program) 
We are looking forward to having fabulous puppies. His Beautiful Dame is shown to the right. Cyrus Pictures taken July 6th  2018

                                        TJ's Samantha Jane V Alzimm  (Sammy) 

                                                 OFA Hip: Good               OFA Cardiac-C   Heart Normal

Sammy is our vibrant, happy, Beautiful Kyler/TJ Girl.
We have raised her here since birth. She is at least as dark as in her pictures and at times even darker.  She is also within the Breed Standard like her Dame, TJ
 Kenley/Sammy puppies are more energetic and are not couch potatoes
 making them great for active families.

       Our Golden Retrievers

                   Our Young 2 year old Ladies, Cloe and Zoe 

  (And yes, they are a little wet from playing in water and enjoying a very rainy week here)

            Cloe ( Kyler/Sophie Girl)    Sister to Jovina                                                                                                 

 Home of the Dark Gold/Red to Dark Red Field Golden Retrievers

Note: Our Goldens are Field Goldens, Bred to work, hunt and do service work. They are highly intelligent and trainable and are not show line Goldens . They do not carry the thick coat, block bone structure or short legs and necks like in the show Goldens. Any white on them is from a "White spot gene" and does not count against them in any way.  Puppies and adults can have a higher ear set and mousy looking, thinner face. 
                    However, as with any well bred Golden, they still have that HUGE Heart of Love !
             Our Adults, do not carry and are free of Genetic: Cancer, Eye, Hip, Thyroid or Heart Issues 

                      Zoe (Kyler/TJ) Girl :  Sister to Sammy