TJ's Samantha Jane V Alzimm  (Sammy) 

                          OFA Hip: Good       OFA Cardiac-C   Heart Normal

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 Sammy is our vibrant, happy, Beautiful Kyler/TJ Girl.
We have raised her here since birth. She is at least as dark as in her pictures and at times even darker.  She is also within the Breed Standard like her Dame, TJ
 Kenley/Sammy puppies are more energetic and are not couch potatoes
 making them great for active families.

            Alzimm's  Tabitha Jane (aka) TJ
  OFA Hips: Fair    OFA Cardiac: (C) Heart Normal

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TJ is one sweet girl, full of energy and always wanting to please. She has an excellent attention span and loves working on lead. She's always an excellent mother.

TJ fits within the Breed Standard being 23" at the shoulder and weighing 55 - 60 lbs.

Click on any picture below to enlarge. Pictures taken July and October, 2016

She is wet in the pictures. She decided to play in the water as soon as we started taking pictures :) She does it every time..Pictures Taken November 4th, 2017 with her Kenley babies                                                                                               The remaining :October, 2016

              Kenley Levi v Alzimm DNA

                                  OFA Hips...... Good                   OFA-C  (Cardiac)  Normal
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                                    Kenley fits within the Breed Standard of being

                                  25" high at the shoulder and weighing 70-75 lbs.

Kenley is our OFA Certified Stud  male. He is a vibrant fellow and there is never a dull moment with this guy ! He is Field Golden (as all of our Goldens are) which is the Hunting/Working/Service line of the Golden Retrievers.

 Click on any Kenley pictures below to enlarge. Pictures taken Aug. 2017 and Oct 2016

    Sophia's Little Jovina V Alzimm  ( Jovi)

                                    OFA Hip: Fair      OFA -C (Cardiac) Normal

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​We are so very proud of our Happy , Sweet, Lovely Kyler/ Sophie Girl.
Jovina is within AKC breed Standards , averaging  65 lbs weight, and has been found healthy to breed by our veterinarian.
She and Kenley have produced Dark Red  Field Golden Babies.

Click on any picture of Jovina below to enlarge. Pictures taken Aug. 6th, 2017 and
​and July, 2016

 Home of the Dark Gold/Red to Dark Red Field Golden Retrievers

Field Golden Retrievers are usually darker in color, thinner coated and very alert. Being more active and having finer bone structure makes them exceptionally  great for service training ,hunting and playing. Puppies and adults can have a higher ear set and mousy looking, thinner face. 

These usually are not couch potato dogs and they love to play and enjoy activities.

They require regular exercise and a yard to run in and some bathing and brushing.

However, as with any well bred Golden, they still have that HUGE Heart of Love !

Our Adults, do not carry and are free of Genetic Cancer, Eye issues, Hip Issues and more.

You will no find Hot spots on any of our Goldens.

Sammy Above November 4th, 2017  She was playing in water and is a little wet.                  Below: July, 2016               

       Our Golden Retrievers

                   Our Young 2 year old Ladies, Cloe and Zoe 

                                 Pictures taken November 4th,  2017

                             (And yes, they are a little wet from playing in water and
                                                      enjoying a very rainy week here)

     Cloe ( Kyler/Sophie Girl)                                    Zoe (Kyler/TJ) Girl

                Sister to Jovina                                                  Sister to Sammy