Soooo, we got the Nursery room painted just before the babies came, new ceiling, New Air conditioner, New floor mats, new outside roof and ceiling fan, (All thanks to hubby) , and Momma Kenja decides that she must have straw for her babies ????
I have one Country Girl instead of a Diva !

                              Alzimm Nursery

       We never subject our babies and mothers to being kept/raised in crates as this can cause way to many detrimental, developmental issues and is unfair to both mother and babies. Two of our wonderful nursery rooms can be seen on our kennel page. Each mother and litter has at least a 8'x9' and larger heated and air conditioned room to raise their babies in. Babies have plenty of room to stretch, play and grow which is so crucial to good bone and muscle growth. However, we do make sure that a;; puppies regularly get to spend time in a large sized dog training crate now and then to make their transition to a new home that provides crate training easier. All babies spend time in  our living room daily with us until they go home after Mom finishes weaning them. This helps them get used to TV, Vacuum Cleaners, etc. We also have outside, fenced nursery room runs so puppies can safely play outside in good weather.
                                    We have had really great results with our methods and stand by them.
We are Currently working on our Nursery room remodels and kennel updates.
​The nursery rooms 1 and 2 are now pink and air conditioning has been added .

Some pictures are shown below of our work in progress. New rubber mats will be added, as these are showing wear and The floors will be painted soon.


      Our Alzimm adults have access 24/7 to properly maintained,clean housing, including large  inside runs with kennel boxes with soft bedding included, which provide double protection from the elements. Our fur family also has access to extra large (7.5' by 12'  7.5" x 15') outside concrete runs with rubber mats that include natural shade and wading pools in the hot months of the year. A large fenced play yard is also provided on the North and South sides and each dog gets yard running time to play and have individual attention a few times daily. Our adult pack members here are never subjected to living in dog crates at any time.  Our puppies are only briefly, periodically placed in crates for short time periods to help them adjust to crate training in their new homes. We also never recommend using small crates with no room for the puppy to play in when at their new home. We suggest starting with at least a 110 lb. size to start with.

       All puppies born here are properly socialized with our  grandchildren and us  and given the up most in tender loving care from birth in our heated whelping rooms and right here in our home living room with us until the very moment they are released into your loving arms.  

        Our Kennel is still a work in progress as we are expanding and updating once again.                 Our Nursery rooms have ceiling fans, heat and air conditioning                              

            Kennel Information


Why a 3 Breed Kennel?
       We are truly blessed to be able to work with these Breeds, the awesome German Shepherds , Field Golden Retrievers and Golden Sheps. Those of you who own both breeds know how lovely they compliment each other. Those who have a Golden Shep Likewise know how well the GSDs and Goldens blend together to create the perfect Gentle Watchdog. The Loyalty and protectiveness can't be matched in a good German Shepherd dog just as the simple love and devotion is untouched in the Golden Retrievers. Combination of the 2 Breeds is pure awesomeness.
        Please don't ask us to choose our favorite between the three as it's impossible to compare them.