Kenley and Sammy  Past Puppies

All puppies passed their vet exam on Oct 4th (as we expected them to) And our puppy  helpers, Tyler and Tammy came to do puppy play time. I think Tyler likes Lots of puppy cuddles ! 

            New Puppy Pictures

As Litters are Born and Grow, New and updated pictures will be shown on this page only

                              Current Litters

Our Gorgeous  Foster/Kenja German Shepherd Babies !  Pictures taken Oct 11th.
​They are going to be lovely black and reds. New pictures are below.


Kenly/Jovina Girl

Loved by Lynette.

2 Onery brothers

Sarah's boys. 

Past Kyler and TJ Puppies

Below: Kyler and TJ pups having tub play time and waiting for their worm meds.

 Our girls often cycle at once as is common in a kennel situation. We have already had interest in any fall litters and litters for Next year, 2018.   It is always wise to reserve early to assure a higher pick of Litter.   (Shown below: Foster and Kenja's first Litter)

Kenley and Jovina Past Puppies

Foster and Kenja  Past Puppies

Then and Now