Foster and Kenja  Past Puppies

Kenley and Jovina Past Puppies

Below: Kyler and TJ pups having tub play time and waiting for their worm meds.

 Our girls often cycle at once as is common in a kennel situation. We have already had interest in any fall litters and litters for Next year, 2018.   It is always wise to reserve early to assure a higher pick of Litter.   (Shown below: Foster and Kenja's first Litter)

       Kenley and Sammy  Past Puppies

Kenley/Sammy Litter Dec 11th

            New Puppy Pictures

     As Litters are Born and Grow, New and Past Litter pictures are shown on this page only

Kenley/TJ Litter

Our very First Kenley/TJ litter

​Pictures taken Dec 11th