Puppy Reserve Policies
                        Alzimm AKC Puppies  go home with AKC Limited Pet Registration Papers,         
            ( Alzimm reserves the right to refuse Full AKC registration to anyone at any time for any reason)

                        Alzimm is a Quality Pet, Companion, Hobby Breeding Kennel only and never knowingly  
      places any puppy with Puppy Mills, Brokers, Retailers, or Flippers. 
      Alzimm also reserves the right to refuse to place a puppy at any time, with anyone, including at puppy
   pick up time, if we feel the puppy would not be going to the right home or right situation.
  We Reserve the right to keep or hold back 1st pick male and/or female from any litter, at any time, for any reason.
                                     Deposit Information

              Paid Deposits are subtracted from the total puppy price

                           Paid deposits lock in the price for the current litter reserved only.

(Reserve terms)

Changing or transferring the deposit to a future or another litter for any reason may subject the puppy price and/or pick order of reserve.

        Deposits are Non Refundable if You Cancel at Any Time for Any Reason
  Placing a Deposit on a Puppy is a promise to purchase and means that you have stopped looking.   
  However, your deposit can be placed on a future litter, if you wish, subject to the reserve terms listed above.

Alzimm Reserve Fees are Refunded If something happens to your born puppy while in our care, or you may choose to have the deposit transferred to the next available litter.

If we don't get a puppy for you from the reserved litter, the deposit will be placed on the next available litter, according to the Reserve Terms above. However, pick order placement on Reserve list may change .
Deposits are used to maintain our kennel and any refundable deposits are refunded when we have litters that go home.

                                            Litter Arrival

As a Courtesy to all who are on our Reserve lists and waiting for a puppy , When the Litter arrives, and we have a puppy for you, you will be notified by phone and email. PLEASE BE SURE TO GIVE THE CONTACT INFORMATION NEEDED TO GET IN TOUCH WITH YOU ONCE YOUR PUPPY IS BORN ! We reserve the right to go to the next person on the reserve list if we don't hear back from you in a timely manor. Thank you for understanding.

                                             To Reserve your Alzimm Puppy

1) Place a phone call to : 419-957-0299  (ask for Vickie)
2) Email the following to : vgkzim@hotmail.com
     Phone Number
3) State Litter you are requesting and preference for male or female 
4)  Your licensed veterinarian's name and phone number

  We will be happy to answer any phone questions After you have Looked through the website and emailed the above requested information.

             Reserves are scheduled, 1st come 1st serve, in order of dates the reserve fees are received
   Cash is required at the time puppy is picked up
   Reserve Fees Are 100.00 to reserve from Any Litter, current or future.  
   We accept Pay Pal reserve fees Also. Total PAY PAL Reserve is 105.00
        (100.00 goes to puppy purchase, the 5.00 goes for pay pal fees) 

     Simply click the Pay Now button below to pay Deposits with Pay Pal

   PayPal - The safer, easier way to pay online!


                             Purchase Contract Information is Further Below

   Please read this complete Reserve page before getting on the puppy reserve list and
​   before purchasing a puppy.

                     No Puppy Reserve is held until a Deposit has been Received.

         You are always welcome to email or call with any questions.
        Questions are not answered to anyone using a blocked or restricted phone number.
     vgkzim@hotmail.com                            419-957-0299 (Vickie)
                                                    We are located in Northwest Ohio
                                         Alzimm Kernnels is a 100% Parvo-Free kennel 

    All of our Time, Effort and Funds are focused on working hard to produce the healthiest
puppies that we possibly can for you to enjoy for his/her lifetime.
    All our dogs and puppies belong to God and we depend on Him for help and guidance.

    We are greatly humbled and honored to be able to rightfully state that none of our breeding dogs (German Shepherds and Golden Retrievers) here at Alzimm, Have ever had Any Genetic/Congenital Issues with Cancer, Liver, Eyes. Heart, Teeth ( Dental Diseases or bite ), HD (Hip Dysplasia), Elbow Dysplasia, Lung issues, Coat Issues , HU (Hyperuricosuria (HUU) means elevated levels of uric acid in the urine that can form stones in their bladders or sometimes kidneys, Thyroid, DM (Degenerative Myelopathy), EPI ( Exocrine Pancreatic Insufficiency) or PRA (progressive retinal atrophy)

     We believe in a Holistic approach to puppy raising and dog maintenance using Unrefined Cold pressed Coconut oil, Raw natural Honey, Food Grade DE and the natural Human food grade Nuvet plus Supplements and most of all, Holistic, Dog food.

    We also do not use any Topical or Oral Flea meds on our kennel dogs and we have never had any fleas or ticks on any of them. The flea meds put poisons and pesticides in  pet's systems which can cause damage to your pet and even death. We do not over Vaccinate which runs a high risk of Vaccinosis, Liver damage, Neurological issues or even death.

     No breeding takes place here without full consideration being given to Mommas and Babies along with consultations  with our Expert, Licensed Veterinarian who has approved our dogs for breeding. Hip x-Rays and OFA Hip and OFA (C) cardiac Certifications done as we get them completed.
       No Puppy EVER leaves Alzimm Kennels without you first getting to see the puppy, parents and our kennel. We do not condone or believe in purchasing puppies sight unseen, thus one of our many Reasons  for NEVER shipping ANY puppy.
                               We also never meet anyone at another location to place a puppy.

      When decisions must be made, what is best for our dogs and puppies and what is best for your dogs and puppies come first, no exceptions are considered. 

     We are here for the lifetime of your dog and puppy to support and advise as we can.

                                       About Other Kennel Visits 
                                      No Alzimm Puppy is EVER Placed in a new home, Sight unseen !
                          Isn't it worth waiting a little while if it helps to assure you of a healthy puppy?                                                   
       Sires, Dames  and Facilities are Always shown when you pick up your puppy.
       Most of our retired pack family is kept here also. We do occasionally place one in a very good home.
       Visits are scheduled by appointment only according to breeding, puppy happenings on the grounds.

      Due to the risk of Parvo Contamination, Puppies, Nursing Dames and Pregnant Dames are not available to the the public until puppies have had their first shots and they have had time to work in the puppy.
                Alzimm is  proud to be a 100% Parvo -Free kennel and we work hard at keeping it that way.

      No Alzimm Baby is ever shipped or delivered. We require that you personally visit here and see the parents, Grandparents, etc when you pick up your puppy to take him/her home.

           Puppies are not "picked" until go home day and in pick order only. 
This allows for a far better match to your needs and for the Puppy's well being.

 Puppy Pick up Day 

We arrange most pick up appointments on Saturdays between 11:00 am and 6:00 pm. If you
​ can not be here or take home puppy at your appointment time, You have the following options
1) Choose your puppy by phone and pictures from the ones available per your pick order 
2) Change to a different, future litter.
3) Come on puppy pick day and choose your puppy and have us hold him/her until a day that you can take him/her home.
We can not ask others, under you on the list, to change their pick up appointment time because you could not make it.
    A 5.00 - 10.00 fee per day is charged for each day beyond puppy pick up day that we are asked to keep your puppy for you.                                                                                    
      We do request that you do not visit other kennels, veterinarian offices, pet parks, pet stores the day of your puppy pick up and do not wear shoes/clothes that have been to the other places listed above.
      Children are always encouraged to visit with you. However, we request that you leave your fur babies home as this is not the place or time to try to introduce them to your new baby properly.   


​              We proudly Stand with our Wonderful Puppies , Sires and Dames
     Written (Money Back) Purchase Contract information

 All Alzimm puppies are placed according to a signed, agreed to, Purchase Contract Only. Details are gone over with you in person when you visit to take your new puppy home.

     Alzimm Kennels covers Life Threatening Genetic / Congenital Health Issues and/or severe Genetic / Congenital Hip Dysplasia until puppy's first birthday. If puppy presents with the listed problem(s) above, the purchase price of the puppy will be refunded in a timely manor. Licensed veterinarian documentation/test/ etc must be provided and must be in agreement with our Licensed veterinarian. 

However, There will be a few things expected of you:
1) Feed one of the foods we recommend (Or one that meets Ingredients recommended)
2) No early spay/neuter before at least 1 year of age. Any Spay or Neuter
done before one year of age, completely cancels the purchase contract
on the day the spay or neuter is done. 
3) Use of NuVet Plus (Tablets) is required (Details can be found on the Food Page)
4) No breeding of puppy during Contract time.
5) Have puppy seen by your Licensed Veterinarian within 3 Business days of Purchase
    Keep puppy updated with proper vet checks and proper shot recommendations. at the
​    appropriate age.
6) Provide Complete Veterinarian Documentation and Foods fed Receipts
(from purchase date to present) for any Claims.

 We have done all we can to assure you a healthy puppy when you take him home. 

No puppy is ever promised to be able to breed. To many factors can change things.

Reasons for Having Puppy Purchase Requirements
I realize that many factors are involved in helping to provide you with the happiest, healthiest puppy possible. I also realize that how a puppy is treated, exercised, fed, socialized, vetted goes right along with helping to cause or prevent issues with or with out a genetic basis. After many long hours of research, talking with vets and breeders and raising many puppies , I came to the conclusion that what I ask for in our contracts is the best possible chance for your puppy's good start and hopefully living longer. Of course I am always available to help with advise for any issues or questions you may have for your puppy's lifetime. You are most certainly free to do as you wish with your puppy.

               An Important note about Hip Dysplasia-HD 

1) Not all HD is Genetic or Congenital only. It can also be environmental, foods fed, injuries and more.
2) HD can also be brought on by early spay/neuter ( especially before 12 -18 months of age)
This can cause the bones to not grow at a proper rate causing issues in bone plate growth
Not to mention  bringing on the much higher risk of cancer as much as 65% higher.
3) HD can happen when puppy is allowed to become overweight, be injured, rammed into by other pets or kids, causing undue stress on growing ligaments. etc The loosened Ligaments allow the Ball to slide out from the socket causing wear and HD

               Alzimm Puppies go Home with 

 1)   AKC  Registration papers
      (AKC papers are not available for Golden Sheps)
 2)   First vet visit, shots and parasite control record
 3)   Pedigree information  (as needed)              
 4)   An Alzimm Written Purchase Contract
 5)  Back up advice for puppy's lifetime
 5)   Nu Vet plus Sample 
 6)   Puppy slip lead
 7)  Food samples
 8)  A hand made puppy toy and Fleece Blankie

                             Alzimm Breeding Practices
                        Alzimm Hip X-Rays and/or OFA Hip Certifies Breeding Dogs 
                                                             OFA Certificates Are Shown during puppy pick up 
​                             (Veterinarian Hip Exam or Hip X-Ray may be used Prior to or instead of OFA Certification)

1)   Provides lots of love and proper care from pre-birth to go home time
1)   Feeds adults and puppies correctly using high quality foods and raw foods.
2)   Adults and puppies are vet checked along with proper de-worming, parasite preventatives, shots
3)   Houses Moms and Babies in Heated, Air conditioned  Nursery rooms and Adults in spacious, clean, warm kennel with connected, outside runs
4)   Provides a safe, fenced area for exercise and kennel protection, Does not promote electronic collars.
5)   Will not ship any puppy or deliver a puppy away from Alzimm
6)   Will be happy to answer questions and give advise when asked, for puppy's life time
7)  Makes sure all our breeding adults are Health approved for breeding by our highly qualified licensed veterinarian
8)  Understands pedigrees and what breeding traits to match for the best puppies possible
9)  Provides AKC Limited Pet Registration papers (for AKC litters) when puppy goes home. 
       (Alzimm Does Not hold back AKC papers or use force spay/neuter contracts)
10)  Encourages spay/neuter at a proper, closer to mature age (at 18 to 24 Months of age) not young puppies.
11)  Does not encourage visitors until puppies have had first shots and vet check
12)  Invites visitors to see the parents and their living areas when getting their puppy.
13)  Breeds for puppies following suggested conformation guidelines, great temperaments and the best health possible.
14)  Always Refuses to place a puppy in a home not deemed proper
15)  Flatly refuses to ever knowingly sell any puppy to a pet store, puppy mill, back yard breeder, flipper or broker
16)  Keeps health and safety of adults and puppies first
17)  Breeding for quality family pets, while producing puppies with a diversity of potential.
18) Never farms females out under the guise of "fostering" to USE them for our breeding, benefit at a
      later date when convenient.

 A safe kennel with proper shelter while outside and/or a fenced in yard or run area is expected to be provided by your for your puppy's safety and well being. Crate training puppy in a large sized crate is always recommended. It is important to take  your puppy to training classes with a reputable trainer, not a pet store training program.Details of our Kennel are on our Kennel Page. Updates are in progress.

      Alzimm  is not Affiliated with any other Kennel or Breeder
                           Feel free to inform us of any interference with us by any other breeder or person.
            Do remember that things in Cyber Space are not always what they seem to be

                            We have learned the hard way that some people do not know how to be honest.

The Fine Print:

  Note: Signed Contracts, at time of puppy pick up to go home, Supersede any details found on this web site, any previous emails, any previous phone conversations,  or any other website information concerning Alzimm Kennels.  
Website. Kennel policies, information is subject to change without notice.

Please direct any questions to me, Vickie. I am a Hobby Breeder. the sole proprietor of Alzimm working hard to enrich the Golden Retriever and German Shepherd breeds for family life and companionship.
However, my Hubby, Kids and Grandchildren love to hang around and help out , donating their labors of love.

        Unfortunately, our Maintenance costs are rising. Our pricing is subject to change without notice.

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