Mercedes ( Mercedes Ruth Anna v Alzimm)

our Awesome Koda/ Furia girl
Our baby girl of 11  years in 2019. She is a wonderful Girl and so loving towards all the other pack family and us. 
 She's a little wet here as she had been playing in dirt and water !

Meisha, Still going strong in 2019 at  13 years of age ! 

.Meisha is in a Wonderful retirement home with John and Tammy S. of Southern Ohio
 along with her Kyler daughter, Molly and 2nd Chance.
 Below:  a note from Feb, 2016 from Meisha and Molly's Fur Mommy

    Molly, who just celebrated her fifth birthday, is a vibrant young golden with a puppy spirit that endures to this day. She is the epitome of health and could even be called a physical specimen. She is a joy to be around and is the most intelligent dog I've ever encountered. We have experienced no health issues with Molly and she has been an amazing addition to our family.
Furthermore, we adopted Molly's mother, Meisha, in October of 2014 after AlZimm allowed her to retire after mothering many healthy puppies. Meisha is nine years old and has no trouble keeping up with her daughter, always racing around our expansive property and galloping up and down our lengthy gravel driveway on mail runs.
Meisha has also adapted remarkably well after spending a great deal of time split between nursery and kennels. She's made a seamless transition into a house dog and is an obedient, loving companion.

Tammy S.

(Kyler) Bush Jones Vom Alzimm: the Man !  
​DNA   OFA Hips Good 

 At 10 years of age,  Kyler passed his vet exam with flying colors. His coat, teeth, heart, lungs, were in perfect health. No Cancer, No Arthritis, no issues found of any kind. Eyes were perfectly clear and healthy too. And the best news. he had his back and hips x rayed and no Hip Dysplasia was found.. Our vet also cleared him for breeding again. Not bad for an older guy who  had 7 perfect, beautiful babies on the grounds at 10 years of age !. Way to go big fellow !!! We are proud for sure ! Our vet had always passed him healthy for breeding but now we have the proof to back it up !!! Kyler has produced  quality puppies , including our own Jovina and Sammy , Cloe and  Zoe who have been raised here since birth. Sammy and Jovina are OFA Hip and  OFA -C  Heart Certified.  All Golden puppies produced here have been Kyler puppies or Kyler grand puppies. C
       Kyler is now Fully Retired . We are proud of Him and all the marvelous Puppies he produced.

                                          Olga Nabiri vom Richthofen
Our wonderful 11 year old, dependable Girl. Always waiting on hugs and always loving to hold our hands in her gentle mouth.
 Nabiri is out of 
Sire : Urma Von Quartier Latin OFA Hips Good   OFA Elbows Normal
Dame: Uzit v Bullinger (CAN CGC TDI RN TC DNA CH PTD)
 OFA Hips Good


Furia  ( Alzimm's Furia vom Richthofen)
Always in our hearts . Always Loved !
Furia is half Sister to our Nabiri and is also a daughter of Uzit v Bullinger (Info shown in Nabiri's Pedigree below)

Our beautiful Tanja ( a Fantastic Konjo/Kayleyna Girl) Had an unexpected opportunity to be a personal Service/Companion Dog and is greatly enjoying her new Job and Home. She loves going to Resteraunts and looking after her Mommy as her personal Service Dog. She even got to stay in intensive care with Stephanie, Hew new Mom , when she was Hospitalized.  The Hospital even cooked her chcicken breasts and boiled eggs 2 times a day and gave her , her own personal doggie cot in the bathromm attached to the ICU Room !   We Love you Tanja !

Tashina, our Leonhaus girl

( Leonhaus Tashina v Alzimm)
 ( Litter mate, Sister to our Konjo)
We could not have asked for a better temperament in a GSD female
I have never been as impressed as I was when we got to meet Edith Leonard of Leonhaus kennels the day we brought our Konjo and Tashina home. She has true character, class, excellent knowledge of the GSD breed and has become a very dear lady to us. God Bless you Edith, you will always have our up most respect.

​Tashina is enjoying life in her retirement home and has done many Therapy Hospital trips with her new Family !

Kayleyna Justice V AlzimmOFA

Kayleyna has been one fabulous girl and has produced some awesome puppies in her day. She is now retired.  Not enough can ever be said for the gentle, loving  Dame she has always been and for the solid temperament and loyalty to all of us that she has shown. We kept her here since birth and she has never let us down.

 (Alzimm's) Dakoda Bear vom Richthofen


Koda is my forever Soul Mate.
​No other GSD will ever compare !

Sophia Louise Red Vom Alzimm
Meisha's younger Sister. What a gem of a girl, our Sophie aka: the Soph. She has always believed herself to be a GSD ..... Needless to say, that never worked out very well for her.......LOL

Leonhaus Konjo V Alzimm  

10 years old in 2019 and still going strong !
DNA   OFA Hips  Good   OFA - (C) Cardiac Normal

(Brother to Tashina) 

Grandson of :  V2X VA1 Vegas du Haut Mansard    SCHH3    Kkl 1 

OFA Hips Good   OFA Elbow Good   OFA-C (Cardiac) Normal 

OFA Link :

It has been a pleasure to have a dog with this magnificent West German Show Line, Import, Pedigree. 

Konjo's Character and Superb intelligence along with with his Nerves of Steel has been a True Blessing to our Breeding Program. These traits have passed down through the many superb puppies He has produced for us. He will now carry on through their lines.. We will never forget Edith Leonard of Leonhaus Kennels for Entrusting us to carry the breeding Candle for her. Thank You Edith ! 

​Pedigree Link :       This pedigree shows a solid hip Certification for 7 generations back 


 Kobiri (Our Koda / Nabiri Son) is In a wonderful Breeding Home, Where he belongs, Has adjusted quite well and will Always be loved by us and His new Family !

 He Got an OFA Hip Good  rating at 5 years of age. We could not be prouder!