We love to get visits from NicKlaus. He takes care of Larry and Judith and is a wonderful Konjo/Kayleyna Son.

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Hi there!
Moose has been with us for 4 whole months now and is officially 6 months old! I just wanted to send you a few pics of our sweet boy. He certainly was the best puppy for us and we couldn't be happier with the decision to get him! Thank you so much! 
Michelle, Cody, Madyson, Chloe, and Moose!
Happy Tuesday Vickie,
Just wanted to say Hi.
Words can not express how much joy
Wilson has brought to ourfamily.
Time is flying by and he is changing soooo much and growing so fast.
Thanks again for all your families time for having such great puppies
Hello Vicki
We just wanted to take a minute to say thank you. Wilson is doing great. Growing sooo fast. Every Tuesday we take his picture in the same spot to watch him grow. He has been such a blessing to our family. I dont think Dave has stopped smiling still since we surprised him. 
He does very well our sons German Shepherd. They love to play. Everyone always ask where we got him so we are always bragging how wonderful you are. He is beautiful well handsome. He has mastered the easy commands...sit, down, No, shake, and high 5. We just love him to pieces.
 Hope all is well with you.
Just wanted to send u a little pic that melts my heart. Our little boy is growing sooo fast. He is soooo perfect. He is such a great dog. Of course is in full swing of the puppy stages. But ohhh sooo smart. 
Thank you again for all your hard work. 
Dave and Davena W.
As you can see "little Porsche" is so mistreated - no one can jump in the pool without her jumping in too!
She's a hoot!!!  And as you can see Logan loves her too!!
Her second birthday was just Monday. As you can see from her eyes - she's a beautiful girl!!  And yes - she loves me!
Hope all is well. Just wanted to give you an update on Zoey. She is almost 20 lbs now. I have an appointment this Friday for her second shots but I wanted to ask you about her tail. Towards the base it looks like baby power like dry and losing hair on the left and right, do you have any idea what could be going on with my little fur ball?
Terry R.

Nevermore: Handsome Koda/Furia male at 10 years old...2018

 We could not have this page without all of the wonderful comments and pictures that our terrific puppy families send to us. Thank you so much !
Dear Vickie,
I just wanted to write to let you know what a sweetheart little Justice is.
You indeed picked out the perfect puppy for us. 
Not only is he handsome to look at, but his personality is very endearing as you said it would be. 
He starts puppy class tomorrow evening and I will let you
know how he is doing. I went ahead and started him on Orijen 
and he is doing quite well with that formula. I can't say enough how pleased we are with him. 
Of course, Reagan just celebrated her birthday, she’s doing fine My niece and I made a project of capturing a “runner” … a white German Shepherd who was too shy to let anyone near him, but smart enough to find shelter and food during last December and January. Anyway, we caught him, and, sucker that I am, after getting a clean bill of health and a neuter for him, I adopted him.
Reagan couldn’t be happier, and he adores her. He’s not nearly the enthusiastic, happy well adjusted dog that Reagan is, 
but he’s bonded into our home for now.(He does have a runny eye which the vet says is a damaged or blocked tear duct, but he’s perfectly healthy otherwise). Anyway, I thought you’d like to see Reagan’s latest pics (and I’ll include one with both, just for reference).
I can certainly attest to why one would want a dog with a solid background and breeding,
there is DEFINITELY a difference in the intelligence as well as the temperament! Reagan is the best!
Sharon K.
Hello Vickie~ 
I'm not sure if you remember me but we have Kaylee... she was a Koda and Nabiri pup .
I hope things have been well with you! My husband and I were looking at your website the other day and you truly do have beautiful doggies!
We get so many compliments on Kaylee and her coat and her build!!
actually we have two shepherds now... our male was kind of a rescue . He doesn't have Kaylee's fur or true shepherd tendencies but we love him. Kaylee thinks he belongs to her and we joke that she thinks she is the sheriff now!!! She still has a very bold and strong personality ... she makes us laugh everyday!!!!! In fact... one more compliment :) we took them to a training facility and the gentlemen who owns the place also breeds and specializes in shepherds … he was in ahhhh over Kaylee when he saw her! In our first meeting he said... I know you didn't get them from the same breeder :) poor Seamus (that is our male) like I said he is cute but Kaylee looks like a show dog even with her floppy ear!!! I have included some recent pictures of them but they really dont do her justice! She is absolutely beautiful and still has her tippy toes white :) hahahha 
We love her so much!!! 
Take care Vickie... 
Love Holly L. N. (I'm so sorry she got her ear hurt. VLZ)
Hi Vickie,
I Just wanted to let you know, Scout was a absolute angel on the 2 hr ride home yesterday.She sat in my lap looking out the window, never cried or whimpered.
And no accidents! She's been spoiled nonstop since she got here - its hard not to spoil such a sweet little face like that!  She cried a little last night when I put her in the crate for the night, about 15 minutes, so I found a classical Mozart CD and put that on. Within 5 minutes of that, she fell asleep. She's doing pretty well on potty training. I have a special spot set up outside. the pottying has been a bit harder to catch on to but I think she'll be fine. She's so smart,

Yeah, she's not spoiled at all. My daughter Julia treats her like a stuffed animal. She lets us know when she's tired of being picked up, but we're amazed at what a good natured, loving dog she is. You did a wonderful job socializing her. We're counting the days till she gets her sister from TJ's litter. Sincerely, Joe
Hi Vickie!
Schatzi is doing great and we are accelerating at agility! We are hoping to start competing in September! I've attached a few pictures! She's such a beautiful girl and just a great dog! 
Hi Vickie,
Sami is doing wonderful. I have no plans on breeding. You do such a good job of it we will be repeat customers ;). The first pic is her chewing a stick one of her favorite things to do. The second pic is after she has "helped" me water the garden. she dances around in the hose water like flashdance lol.
Thanks, Penny

Hi Vickie! 
 I wanted to send an update on Hobi. 
He's doing great with us!  Almost have the potty training 
down and he's an absolute perfect fit for our family!  
Thank you for everything and I will send updates as often as I can!  
On a side note he was 13lbs when we picked him up
from you and weighed in 2 days later at the vet at 15.5lbs! 
He's a growing boy and so healthy!  
Thanks again to you and your family and especially Koda and Nabiri!! 
Hi Vickie,
Hello and Happy belated Mothers Day. Kody is doing great and would love a sister.....He loves our cats and all living things.
Talk to you soon,
 Hi Vickie,
Just wanted to say Hello and to send you some updated pics of Klara. 
She is such a joy to have as a part of our family. 
Hello Alzim family from Achellis' family. It has been almost 2 years since the birth of our much loved "Best" friend. I just wanted to send a few pictures of her to show you how she has grown and how wonderful her life is. Thank you so much for this beautiful loving German Shepherd Dog. She is well loved every single day and yes she loves the lake as you would have guessed.We could'nt have been blessed with a more perfect German Shepherd for our family. We wanted a dog who would enjoy the lake with us and we got it. She rides on the boat and she rides a jet ski and loves to float on a raft with us. She is wonderful and perfect and the greatest joy for us. Hope you enjoy the pictures.
Hi Vickie,
Hope all is well with you and your family. I promised an update after our final trip to the vet for puppy shots, etc. She weighed in at 30 pounds. We also finished puppy obedience class last week and she did fine.  She was the youngest puppy in the class, so her attention span was a little shorter than the others, but she does pick up things fast.  She excelled in the socialization part-she loves all dogs and people.  She also excelled at the puppy jumps and the puppy tunnel. Most of the puppies were fine with it, but she LOVED racing through the tunnel at top speed......and then she would turn around and race back through it in the opposite direction.  She travels in the car (in her cage) better than any other German shepherd we have owned.  I am hoping to find her another obedience class soon so we can continue our obedience work, as I am still thinking of showing her in obedience.  I'll keep you posted, and I will send a picture soon!
Thanks for such a wonderful puppy. Donna
I just wanted to let you know that our puppy, Bailey is doing just wonderful.  She weighs 27 pounds at 14 weeks old.  She has been a wonderful addition to our family.  We have started some basic obedience training.  She can sit, down, and stay sometimes.  Not bad for this age!  We are all truly enjoying having her with us. We get so many compliments on her when she goes on family outings with us.  She has been a real joy to have here.(D.N) 
Hi Vickie! All is well with Zelig Storm. He's adjusting pretty well for just
the short time he's been here. He loves to run and play and of course pick
on Brea (our dobie). Hope all is well..S.B. 
Hi Vickie,
Eva is doing very well.  She is very active and very confident.  This morning she weighed in at 13 lbs. 8 oz. We think she is just beautiful.  She had her well-puppy check on Monday and the vet said she was healthy. She and her staff just loved Eva.  She said Eva was going to be a big girl, too.  gress.
Thanks again!   D.L.

I just wanted to write to you and let you know how grateful I am for the sale of your wonderful dog.
She has met our dog Daisy (a Shi-a-poo) and they play together very well. 
She is so very well behaved, she never leaves my side and insists on staying close to me. 
She is a very loyal and obedient dog and very well behaved (for a puppy). 
Our whole family is completely in love with this dog!
Anyway, your family was wonderful and loving, I appreciate the care you gave to this dog 
Please let your grandchildren know that I appreciate their help in taking care of her (S.W)
She's had only 1 accident and that was the night we came home.
I take her out regulary and she does her buisness with great praise.
She is quite attached and has to know where I (we) are every minute. (s.v.)
Thank you so much for him. I don't think you know how happy he has made us. Have a great day. (J.P.)

I've been meaning to email you, your website is beautiful!! All of the puppies are adorable and very well pictured!!! Boy do you do good work!!! The puppies make me want another, (D.F.)
 ================================================================================    We recently went to visit my parents on their farm and Haven loved it!  he especially enjoyed the creek by there home.  he would launch himself off the bank about 5 feet high and land in the water. He is definately a Koda Boy! He was so funny Jenna(my daughter) laughed so hard cause he was jumping through the water like a kangaroo.   When it was time to go inside he would go into the bathroom and climb into the big garden tub.  I guess he was wanting to get cleaned up. haha  .... Kristy.     
(Recent pictures of Haven Koda/Furia Son are shown above......Thanks  Kristy)  
Hi Vicky, Here are some pics from the park this past weekend. He loves to chase frisbees. He's a jumper too. I've had aDoberman,a Rottweiler, a Sheepdog, and many GSD's and Edward is my absolute favorite. No offense to my previous pets but he's is so smart and such a character, and so affectionate. Just an outstanding family dog. Thanks. Tim
I hope you are having a wonderful year so far. Riddick is doing great. He is growing up so fast. We are in agility class now, and he loves it.
Take care, and as always, Thank you for such a wonderful boy!!!
ABOVE:  Thanks again Ellie !
 Hi Vickie,
Just wanna let you know that Bella is doing wonderfully. She is such an AMAZING creature. We love her to death :)
 She is so incredibly smart...and her nose is Police material. Seriously, she can sniff out whole bananas, pieces of
 asparagus, her toys and my little ones house shoes :) No matter where we hide it...once her nose gets to work, she'll find it :)
She gets along with every dog we meet and is very friendly. She enjoys homemade treats, veggies and meat, loves apples,
 carrots and bananas :) I LOVE when her big brown puppy eyes stare at me in the mornings, waiting for me to wake up ;) 
Thanks again for such a wonderful gift. We love her dearly!  
 Hi there,
Just wanted to update you on Bella. She's doing great and gets lots of compliments :) 
Greetings from Illinois,
Georgia & Family
Hello Vicky,
Today is our boy Ozzy's first birthday. He is from the Koda/Furia litter . He really is a great dog. From the moment we brought him home, he fit right in. He is very closely bonded to our female GSD and they are inseparable. I have enclosed a few pictures over the last year. 
Brendan  from Indiana 
Thought I'd send along a recent photo of my not-so-little boy. Charlie weighed in at 71 lbs at a little over seven months. He loves hopping up on the bed to relax, as you can see. Hope all is well in Pandora.   (Thanks Matt. He's beautiful !)
Hi Vickie,
Wanted to send a note to say "hello!" and update you on our boy, Watson. He is such a joy! He is so full of energy and life and keeps us on our toes. I don't need an alarm clock in the morning-Watson wakes me up at 6:15 am and not a minute later. He's such a loyal dog and is always looking to rest his head on my toes when I'm sitting at my desk doing work or on the couch reading a book. Watson enjoys going for a run or out to play fetch and also enjoys "find", a game where we make him stay in the living room while we hide his toy and then tell him to "find it". He is just doing wonderful and we can't take you enough for such a great addition to our little family. Nolan and I will be getting married next summer and Watson was by our side in some of our engagement pictures and he will be there right by us on our big day. 
Hope all is well!
Logan, Nolan and Watson 
Hi Vickie
Just a fast update on Kaia.  She is one of the Nabiri/Koda pups from last July.  She just turned 9 mos old not too long ago and is doing fantastic.  I couldn't even begin to imagine I would be lucky enough to have such a nice dog.  The first couple months although she house broke super fast she was a terror in the sense she was so full of it and I seemed to be her favorite chew toy!  Now she is so laid back and calm around any situations but yet always willing to run and play.  Her favorite toy is any kind of ball she can get ahold of.  She would play fetch forever.  Kaia goes to a puppy day care 5 days a week while I work and I know this has been a big help keeping her happy and socialized.  She is good with all the dogs and anyone that stops in and I have gotten so many compliments on her.  
My vet clinic has 4 vets there.  They are all impressed with her and tonight the one asked me where I got her for they weren't used to seeing a German Shepherd with such a good temperament.  To me that is sad for any well bred German Shepherd should show these qualities but instead of telling them that I told them about your kennel.  Just once again wanted to thank you for the great pup and thank you for doing such a great job with your program. ........Thanks again..........Sandy
I get compliments on her ALL the time...  she is so used to everyone stopping to pet her and telling her how pretty she is.  Scott just said yesterday that she has the prettiest coat that he has ever seen on a shepherd......I can't believe she is 5 months today...  We do love her very very much! (H.N.)
Hello, Vickie!
  Here are some fun pictures of Coda from a few weeks ago. Coda has done great learning the commands. We have a 20ft leash that we use. While walking, I can tell him to stay and I continue to walk the length of the leash. I turn around and can have him sit and down from a distance. He also will come right on command then sit in front of me. It still amazes me at how much he's changed in such a short period of time! He sits in our backyard on duty watching for any intruders. He's very protective of me. While walking one night, he saw someone going to their car and was on alert. I told him "easy" and he calmed down. It makes me feel safe to know he is there to protect me. It's so interesting to me that it isn't taught, but instinct. He also is very good about waiting to eat until we give him the command. I can even go upstairs for a few minutes and when I come back downstairs he is in the same spot patiently waiting. He has come a long way and I'm sure he will continue to amaze me.Enjoy the pictures! .................... C.H
Hi Vickie   
 I can not even start to tell you the pleasure she has brought into my life.  Kaia is doing very well and growing up so fast.She is a very smart dog and all the socialization you did with her as a pup has had to make a big big difference in the dog she is becoming.  Kaia was the easiest dog I have ever had to housebreak. She has always been good in her crate and from the first night has never cried when it in other then about 4 or 5 minutes on her very first night home.    
 Thank you again for providing such a great puppy.  You and your family do a fantastic job with your dogs and provide such a great start to your puppies................Thank you........Sandy
She becomes more beautiful every day and we adore her! (M.C)
She is VERY smart ... you can see her little thoughts forming almost and she catches on to things so fast! She even scratched a the door last night to go out!  
I am not kidding she is understanding the commands already... amazing! 
I would like others who are thinking of buying a puppy from you to know what a great experience it was and how beautiful and smart your puppies are! 
 Hi Vickie, 
I just wanted to let you know how happy I am with Niko. He turned out to be a beautiful dog and oh so smart.We were morel hunting in the forest today, and I got lost.   I was  
stumbling around in circles, not knowing which way to get back to the car.Niko knew something was wrong.I kept on saying "home Niko  
home".  He jumped up on me, and then started running.I followed, and soon I found a little trail that led me back to the little forest   
road where I had left my car.  Yeah Niko! 
1 year old Coda 
" I received this picture this past weekend and had to share it with you.Our good friends were watching Coda while Kyle and I were gone for the day.Since it was so hot, they opened the cooler for him to get a drink of ice water. As you know from previous pictures, Coda is a definitely a water dog!This just proves it even more."
 (From what we hear,this handsome fellow even likes to turn on the water faucet so he can play in the water from the garden hose...So like his daddy Koda !! What a boy! Thanks C.H.)
Bella is loving the pool again this year, it's amazing how well it makes her sleep.  No worries, she still constantly is bring the toy or ball to me.  We are teaching her the difference between toy (stuffed animal) and ball.  When Charlie goes to bed at night he can hear me throwing her the ball, so it's soft toys at night.  Bella and I say fewey, so sometimes I just sit on the floor and roll the ball across the room.  Don't tell anyone, lol.  She is still quite busy trying to catch the baby bunnies, of course the squirrels, and needless to say she actually thinks she will catch a Robin.  Takes me twice as long to mow the backyard with her dropping the toys in front of the mower.  She cracks me up, didn't like the mower in the beginning but got use to it, but the vacuum she barks at and won't even bring me her toy.  Turn off the vacuum and put a carrot on it and it's a whole different story.  It must make a different, or irritating noise for her.  I remember when Sadie was a puppy, I would have to put her in a different room because she would chase it and jump on it.  So, so funny
 Dear Vickie,
 MacAlistair Gibbs turned 1 year old.  Thought you'd like to see a photo
 of how handsome he is.  He has been a great addition to our family!  
Hope you have a great day.
 Finally getting some pictures of our Millie girl to you!  She is such  
a joy!  I will send more soon- I have a lot on my other camera but am  
having trouble getting them put onto my computer.  Here are a few of  
her early days with us and one after she got her "big girl ears".   
Enjoy and we will be in touch soon!
Amy and Michael H.
    Hi Vickie, thought you might enjoy this picture. Heidi and I competed last weekend in our very first dock diving event in Lancaster Ohio, put on by a company called Aqua Dogs. We won 2nd place in the junior division. She impressed everyone at the competition, especially the experienced handlers, after finding out it was her 1st time competing and they also noted that she was the only German Shepherd competing. (apparently shepherds are rare in dock diving events). So, I soaked up as much experience and information on technique and training from the dog champion owners and hope to keep her competing regularly. She is 2 1/2 years old now and obedience trained, protection trained and a dock diving champ! My you breed awesome dogs! Cheers, hope you are well. Mary Beth      ( Thanks Mary Beth. We are so Proud of you both !!! ) 
  Heidi, Having fun at her Dock Practice. Just so you all know. Labs are the common dogs for this type competition. Heidi just has a natural talent. This is just not the norm for a GSD. We're so proud !!!!! Thanks Mary Beth. Can't wait to see Heidi again :)
 Hi Vicki!
Heidi is doing great!  Just turned 7 months and a little over 45lbs.
She has lots of fellow dog friends her age in our neighborhood who she
loves to play with!  She graduated puppy school a few months ago and
is progressing through Levels training smoothly as she is a really
quick and motivated learner.  She's great in public too and gets along
with everyone but is also sure to let us know when someone is coming
to our door unexpectedly.  One of the pictures attached is of Heidi at
her first Major League Baseball game at the Washington National's
"Pups in the Park" night last weekend, she had a blast!
Hope everything is great with you guys and your "pack"!
Jason & Andrea
Heidi is doing great!  We can't take her for a walk without multiple people stopping to admire her. We also started puppy kindergarten a couple of weeks ago, and the trainers said that she is the best behaved German Shepherd they've ever had. She's got a terrific personality and is incredibly intelligent! ( Thanks for the update)
Hi Vickie,
   Wanting to let you know how much we are enjoying our newest addition.  The kids and Bella are so much fun to watch.  She has the potty training down she goes to the back door and lets out a whimper.  I have her seating and also shaking with her paw.  She is stubborn about learning her name or maybe she is just choosing not to listen b/c she wants to stay outside:)  We're outside a lot working in the garden and flowers and well just playing the kids are in softball and baseball.  Bella is learning about the park and all the people.  She is slowly learning to walk around town.  She does not like to walk when a vehicle goes by so we stop and wait. She is learning to walk to the post office with me and our other dog Zeke.   She is beautiful and has great markings she is really coloring out. Well hope all is well with your family.  Again Thank You so much for a wonderful addition to our family.  
Nichole M.
 Hi Vicki!
Heidi is doing great!  The Vet checked her out after she arrived home and she went back a couple weeks ago for her second round
 of shots and everything was excellent.  We can't believe how much of a well behaved puppy she is and she's seriously getting 
smarter everyday!  She was potty trained in less than a week, she rings the bells we put on the
door to let us know she wants to go out.  She sleeps in her crate with us in our bedroom and before bedtime she'll gather
 of her toys and place them in her crate and then lays down on her own. She's great
during car rides too, just loves to be a part of the family and whatever is going on.
Jason and Andrea (and Heidi)

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